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Hal Guggolz


Land Advisors Organziation

Sold $250 million in gross land sales

Spearheaded 1,000-acre Thunder Rock in Marble Falls, TX

With team, closed a 221-acre parcel in the Austin market

Hal Guggolz is a Metropolitan Statistical Area Advisor with Land Advisors Organization. In this role, he focuses on commercial, residential, investment and ranch properties in the Austin area and throughout central Texas. Guggolz helps his clients consistently find the hidden value of a property and generate its maximum potential, which is one of his special skills.

Guggolz joined Land Advisors Organization in 2010, leveraging his knowledge of the Austin market and his skills as a data and research analyst. During his tenure, he’s compiled reports that provide guidance to investors, developers and landowners that demonstrate the hidden value of land parcels. During his career, Guggolz has sold over $250 million in gross land sales accounting for over 15,000 acres.

One recent transaction involved the 1,057-acre Thunder Rock in Marble Falls, TX. Guggolz and the team represented the seller in the transaction, which will be the site of close to 2,000 single-family homes, 924 multifamily units and 150 active-adult units, as well as 204,000 square feet of commercial development, parks and other amenities. Guggolz and the team also represented the seller of Anthem, a 221-acre parcel which will hold 950 homes upon completion. The project represents the buyer’s first foray into the Austin market.

Contributing to Guggolz’s success is his involvement in various associations and his intuitive skills when it comes to evaluating growth trends, economic investments, and water management plans. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute and the Real Estate Council of Austin. Guggolz also serves on the board of directors of the Wilbarger Creek Municipal Utility District No. 2 (water and wastewater management) and is a member of the Real Estate Council of Austin’s Leadership Development Council class of 2017.

Guggolz surprises the team with his in-depth knowledge of water planning and land planning, bringing this expertise to his business. With these insights he advises landowners of values in their land that they may not otherwise be aware of and attracts buyers that are interested in developments or a change in use.

These are just a few reasons we chose Guggolz as one of Texas’ 2022 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s sixth annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders in the commercial real estate industry who are likely to be influential for years to come.


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Land Advisors Organization's Hal Guggolz

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