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Ashley Walker


M&T Realty Capital Corporation

Doubled the size of the M&T RCC's marketing team in approximately 10 years

Serves as a Big Sister and media volunteer with Life Source International Church

Ashley Walker started her career with Baltimore-based M&T Realty Capital Corporation in 2013 as its first full-time marketing manager. Today, she is the company’s Senior Vice President, Product Manager. During her tenure with M&T, Walker doubled the size of the marketing team, spearheaded targeted digital and print advertising campaigns, activated sponsorships, led two website redesign projects, and managed the development of internal and external communication programs.

Walker recently launched a Technology Stakeholders Committee within M&T RCC to regularly engage with key stakeholders from each department.

Walker is a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and an active media team volunteer with Life Source International Church. She is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association’s  (MBA) Technology Officers Roundtable and the Fannie Mae Technology & Innovation Sub-Committee (TISC). Walker previously served on MBA’s mPact Advisory Committee and participated in MBA’s Marketing Roundtable.

These are just a few of the reasons we chose Ashley Walker as one of Connect CRE’s Washington, DC 2022 Women in Real Estate Award winners. Connect CRE’s Women in Real Estate Awards honor the achievements and inspirational stories of women who have reached respected positions of leadership and play key mentorship roles for others.


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M&T Realty Capital's Walker

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