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Jessica Hobbs


Mesa West

Helped raise $4 billion in investor commitments within the past seven years

Increased communication between stakeholders during the pandemic lockdown

Jessica Hobbs is Head of Capital Formation and Business Development for Mesa West Capital in Los Angeles. In her role, she leads fundraising, marketing and investor relations efforts, recruits institutional partners and maintains relationships with investors. Her efforts to expand Mesa West Capital’s investor pool contributed to the firm’s rank as 18th top debt fund manager in the world. She helped raise $4 billion in investor commitments during the past seven years, including $1 billion during the past 12 months.

According to Mesa West CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Friedman, Hobbs’ ability to develop strong and trusting relationships with investors has helped the company’s growth. Her ability to connect with people was especially crucial during the pandemic. Realizing that in times of crisis people can often feel alone and overwhelmed, Hobbs worked diligently to increase the lines of communication with her colleagues and the investors she worked with, providing information, acknowledgement and reassurance.

Despite being distanced from her team, she found ways to make them feel appreciated and to provide them with tools that enable them to succeed. Hobbs has invited her team to sit in on remote meetings they normally would not be able to attend, giving them a learning tool to understand investors better and to be more involved.

These are just a few of the reasons we chose Jessica Hobbs as one of Connect CRE’s National 2022 Women in Real Estate Award winners. Connect CRE’s Women in Real Estate Awards honor the achievements and inspirational stories of women who have reached respected positions of leadership and play key mentorship roles for others.


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