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Fred Cordova, Al Grazioli, Ravi Choudhry and JoAnn Horeni


Corion Enterprises

Sales Total

$961.1 million

Closed industrial transactions totaling $961.1 million

Spearheaded 443-acre, $800-million sale

Corion Enterprises is a highly specialized boutique commercial real estate consultancy, brokerage, and investment advisory firm in Santa Monica.  During 2022, the company closed industrial transactions totaling $961.1 million.

One major deal involved an Inland Empire land sale on behalf of a private family office. The 443-acre parcel sold in two phases for a regional record transaction price of $800 million.

By understanding the market, evaluating the risks properly and providing unique analytical tools and strategies, the team of Fred Cordova, Al Grazioli, Ravi Choudhry and Joann Horeni was able to achieve record pricing for the client. This deal has also earned Corion Enterprises a nomination by the Los Angeles Business Journal for their upcoming 2023 Commercial Real Estate Awards.


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