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Megan Campbell



Expanded the Unispace strategy team by 60%

Serves on the leadership team for the Women's Employee Resource Group

Volunteers for Women Accelerators, which promotes women's advancement

As Unispace’s Principal, Strategy, Megan Campbell daily empowers others to discover and unlock hidden opportunity, from paving the way for future women leaders in commercial real estate, to enabling world-class clients to seize the historic opportunity of reimagining the workplace.

Throughout the pandemic Campbell created and sustained a positive culture and high performance across her hybrid team. Together, they helped major clients achieve their visions with ingenious workplace strategy. In one situation, a global law firm sought to put diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) at the forefront of their design. Campbell’s team suggested a concept that brought art from the community into the space, helping employees connect with their purpose the moment they entered the office. The team also created equitable design principles and space distributions to support equity goals across the workforce.

Campbell’s extraordinary ability to connect and motivate people sparked significant internal growth; this past year, she successfully expanded the Unispace North America strategy team at by 60%. When it’s time to bring on new talent, she purposefully seeks out candidates with different backgrounds.

She strongly believes that diverse perspectives are vital to delivering more human-centric spaces. Campbell serves on the leadership team for the firm’s Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), where she shapes strategies to elevate women in the field.

Campbell volunteers for a local non-profit, Women Accelerators, which promotes women’s advancement by providing tools needed to succeed in bridging the gender gap. Women Accelerators serves women in all stages of their careers, providing them with a solid foundation to succeed. She is also the mother of twins, demonstrating a health balance of work-life priorities as a working mom.

These are just a few reasons we chose Campbell as one of Boston/New England’s 2022 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s sixth annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders in the commercial real estate industry who are likely to be influential for years to come.


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Unispace's Megan Campbell

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