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Trey Davis


Land Advisors Organization

Been involved in more than $310 in industrial sales since 2021

Named Land Advisors' Rookie of the Year

Trey Davis joined Land Advisors Organization’s research department as one of the company’s first interns during his sophomore year at Arizona State University. During his internship, he immersed himself in developing an understanding the factors that go into determining the value of land parcels, including the analysis of 50+ data points that the software tracks on each parcel of land. This helped establish his knowledge of land values in Phoenix and Pinal County (located just south of Metro Phoenix) and he became a sought-after resource by the firm’s advisors.

Davis joined the Pinal County team as an Advisor in 2021 and has been involved in more than $310 million in industrial sales. He eventually advanced into the role of assistant manager of the research department. He works with recruits, training them as excellent researchers. Trey has also been responsible for the recruiting, hiring and training of numerous research interns.

He was named Rookie of the Year by Land Advisors Organization in facilitating more than $220 million in closings. With his team, Davis’ efforts are providing a huge impact to the Casa Grande community. In addition to his job, Davis is the youngest member of the Pinal 40, an organization focused on supporting local youth and promoting education.

He is a presenter in various forums, showcasing his market knowledge and earning him respect from others in the profession.

These are just a few reasons we chose Trey Davis as one of Connect CRE Phoenix & Southwest’s 2023 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s seventh annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders who will have a strong influence on the commercial real estate industry.


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Land Advisors' Trey Davis

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