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EJ Gardiner


Willow Inc.

Leads the company's sustainability and ESG initiatives

Efforts resulted in new business opportunities and partnerships

As a Product Strategist for Willow Inc. in Seattle, EJ Gardiner is responsible for the company’s sustainability and ESG initiatives. She works with various subject-matter experts to formulate a vision and plan to drive Willow forward in achieving ESG and sustainability goals.

Gardiner bases her leadership on experience gained from her prior athletic and professional background. Her focus on empathy, ownership and trust is her means for driving a successful team.

Gardiner makes sure that each team member owns their improvement and is constantly learning and growing. She believes that leading with empathy is to understand that everyone is human. Challenges aside, mistakes happen. But she regards these as learning opportunities and abilities to adjust. Gardiner also delegates authority in such a way that allows her team to reach goals and be successful.

She has a knack for uncovering new insights and opportunities. These have resulted in partnerships and business opportunities.

These are just a few of the reasons we chose EJ Gardiner as one of Connect CRE’s Seattle & Northwest 2022 Women in Real Estate Award winners. Connect CRE’s Women in Real Estate Awards honor the achievements and inspirational stories of women who have reached respected positions of leadership and play key mentorship roles for others.


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