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Angela Ledding


PACE Loan Group

Created framework to determine if an office building can be financed

Developed framework to provide loans for difficult-to finance hospitality and office assets

As PACE Loan Group (PLG) Managing Director, Angela Ledding offers the perfect nexus between critical thinking and commercial practicality. She can underwrite in a way that understands the fluidity of the market while still understanding that there are good deals out there that pencil despite current interest rates.  Over the past 18 months, Ledding has helped PLG underwrite deals that allow the company to keep lending and helping get projects done instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Ledding allows PLG to dig into opportunities that would otherwise go un-financed.  For instance, the office sector is challenging to finance. Ledding created a framework for PLG to understand whether an office building would be financeable versus not. She also developed frameworks allowing PLG to provide loans to hospitality and office assets when others have pulled back from those markets.

These are just a few reasons we chose Angela Ledding as one of the Chicago-Midwest Connect CRE’s 2023 Women in Real Estate Award winners. Connect CRE’s Women in Real Estate Awards honor the achievements and inspirational stories of women who have reached respected leadership positions and play key mentorship roles for others.


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PACE Loan Group's Angela Ledding

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