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Brandon Harrington, Bryan Mummaw and James DuMars



$2.391 billion

Deal volume in 2021: $2.391 billion

Deals closed in 2021: 127

Brandon Harrington and Bryan Mummaw joined Northmarq in 2020, while James DuMars has been on staff for more than 25 years. The team provides origination and structuring debt and equity, as well as financing and refinancing options.

In 2021, Harrington, Mummaw and DuMars finished within the top 10 among Northmarq offices nationwide in 2021, with a combined production value exceeding $1.7 billion. Meanwhile, DuMars was the highest-volume Fannie Mae producer in the Northmarq system in both 2020 and 2021, ranked on the top 10 overall for loan production as well.

In December, the team joined forces to help the office close more than $500 million at a time during which lenders were at capacity and third-party vendors were stretched thin. Coordination and constant communication helped the team succeed, allowing for executions in timeframe most competitors would not have been able to meet.

Highlights included a four-property, $315-million portfolio with a debt fund execution and transactions ranging from $3.7 million to $191 million.

These are some of the reasons we selected Harrlington, Mummaw and DuMars for inclusion in the Connect CRE Top Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Awards. These awards recognize industry professionals who have demonstrated the highest standards in commercial real estate finance.


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