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George Mitsanas


Gantry Inc.

$900 million

Closed 21 financial transactions in 2022

Generated a $900-million deal volume

George H. Mitsanas, a Principal of Gantry, is a founder of the company’s Southern California operations. Throughout his career, Mitsanas arranged more than $15 billion for income property investments, including fixed- and floating-rate debt, joint ventures, mezzanine debt, construction loans and participating debt.

During 2022, he closed 21 financial transactions at a deal volume of $900 million. Mitsanas’ client base includes REITS, institutional funds, private developers, and investors.

Previously, Mitsanas was a Senior Vice President and Loan Officer with Churchill Mortgage Corporation, a C.P.A. at Deloitte & Touché and licensed real estate broker. He received his BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California and completed graduate work at the University of California, Los Angeles.

These are some of the reasons we selected George Mitsanas for inclusion in the 2023 Connect CRE Top Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Awards. These awards recognize industry professionals who have demonstrated the highest commercial real estate finance standards.


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Gantry's George Mitsanas

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