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Walker Webcast: Reducing Your Age—A Discussion with Michael Roizen and Peter Linneman

At first blush, there isn’t a direct connection between Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic’s Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer and real estate economist Peter Linneman, CEO and Founder of Linneman Associates. But these two men, with Albert Ratner (Co-Chairman Emeritus of Forest City Enterprises and founder of Global Cleveland), collaborated on the just-released book, “Great Age Reboot—Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow.”

And Roizen and Linneman were guests on the Sept. 14, 2022 Walker Webcast.  Hosted by Walker & Dunlop’s Chairman and CEO Willy Walker, the hour-long webcast focused on the science behind rebooting genes to help improve health (Roizen) and its economic benefits (Linneman).

First, there is an individual’s “real age” versus chronological age. Real age combines issues like physical and mental health, exercise, diet and the amount of stress. Roizen indicated that six things impact the real age: Stress management, food choices (and portion sizes), physical activity (walking and strength exercises), unforced errors (“Avoiding tobacco, testing while driving and vaping, for instance,” Roizen said), brain health and sleep, and “the sixth is what we call supplements, or small molecules,” Roizen explained. “The things you take that can make a difference in how long you’ll live.” All of these, he said, can actually provide a genetic reboot, creating more healthy cells and extending longevity.

Just as important to longevity are the “two Ps:” Posse and purpose. Posse involves ongoing connections with other people. Purpose, meanwhile, is self-explanatory; it can be giving back, enjoying a job or specific, meaningful goals. “When you’re young, it’s pretty easy to have friends through school and sports,” Roizen commented. “But as you get older, you have to work at that posse. That’s especially true as we’ve moved out of the office; getting back to the office holds a great chance of reducing stress.”

Linneman added that Linneman acknowledged that he’s felt better with his own “reboot”. He also added that posse, purpose and the six factors supporting real age extend beyond personal health, and into societal productivity and economic strength.

“We can’t afford, as a society, not to reboot,” he commented. “Otherwise we won’t be able to afford healthcare or other issues.” But extending the productive lifespan of people will create a population that is high in productivity. Each life will likely increase productivity by 25% and people will continue working as they age, not because they have to, but because they want to.

“They’ll be unleashed in a highly productive economy, where they’ll provide solutions to problems,” Linneman added.

On-demand replays of the Sept. 14, 2022 webcast are available by clicking here and through Walker & Dunlop’s Driven by Insight podcast series.


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