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Multifamily Managers Use Access Control Tech to Handle Steep Increases in Package Deliveries

Package delivery volume at multifamily properties is estimated to grow almost 15% per year through 2025, with Amazon alone shipping approximately 1.6 million packages per day. With this volume of deliveries comes a high incidence of theft, with roughly 40% of package theft incidents occurring in multifamily communities and apartment buildings alone. That means property managers at multifamily properties are spending an average of three minutes per delivery accepting, sorting, and storing packages to thwart package room pirates and safeguard their residents’ positive experience. 

ButterflyMX, a provider of smartphone-based access control technology for multifamily, commercial, student housing and gated properties, has released data showing building operations figures and package delivery trends in six of the top metro cities. In these cities, ButterflyMX clients have saved over 20,000 hours by streamlining the operations around packages, equating to $12 million in salaries. 

The top six markets and their package data include the following: 

New York City. With more than 148% growth from 2021, the New York metro area has seen the largest year-over- year package growth in 2022. Given that volume, top priority for property managers to optimize building operations through smart property access solutions. Without this technology, NYC managers are spending almost 900 more hours per year processing the increase in packages instead of focusing on resident experience and building safety. Residents at NYC buildings with ButterflyMX technology have issued more than 10,500 Delivery Passes, a new feature released this year allowing carriers to make deliveries without the assistance of property staff or residents.  

Boston. Boston is the leading city for package deliveries across the ButterflyMX platform, utilizing more than 460 Delivery Passes every week in 2022. Since last year, package deliveries in Boston have increased by over 41%. ButterflyMX enabled buildings have saved building managers a total of 350 hours in time spent on deliveries. 

Seattle. The Seattle metro area multifamily market remains stronger than ever with the nation’s lowest vacancy rate. At nearly full capacity, multifamily buildings saw a 76% Y-O-Y increase in package deliveries in 2022. This steep increase adds 1,300 hours of dedicated package management to property managers’ plates. Among these busy Pacific Northwest buildings, ButterflyMX enabled properties have issued over 22,100 Delivery Passes allowing the reallocation of over $32,000 in building manager salaries to other meaningful tasks. 

Chicago. In Chicago, the tightening rental market leans heavily on proptech to improve the resident experience and maintain retention rates. With 105% increase in deliveries year over year, package management systems have become necessary to streamline operations and safety. ButterflyMX residents in this metro have issued more than 2,300 Delivery Passes, saving building staff more than 2,800 hours of time spent on packages. 

Houston. The Bayou City and its metro area have seen package deliveries tripling in 2022. ButterflyMX’s unified access control has given building operators more than 380 hours back to spend in other areas of importance. 

San Francisco. ButterflyMX is installed in more than 25,000 units in The Golden City, where multifamily properties experienced a 54% increase of package deliveries this year. Property managers for these buildings have been able to manage this steep influx with ButterflyMX smart technology. In particular, residents in these units have issued 20,000 ButterflyMX Delivery Passes, saving building staff more than 1,000 hours in time spent on package management. 

“Time is of the essence when it comes to reducing a building’s operating costs,” said Aaron Rudenstine, CEO of ButterflyMX. “The greater amount of time spent managing packages, the more of a property’s budget is wasted. As you can see from our data, cities are continuing to grow and residents continuing to receive more and more deliveries. There is simply not enough time in a day or money in the building’s coffers to manage these increases without a smart package solution.” 


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