ISS, a global facility and food services company, was looking to host their leadership summit which, for the first time, would be a hybrid event. C-suite leadership and division heads came together to give 3-days of presentations, which would be live streamed to 250 leaders throughout the country. Connect was brought in to handle all event details.

At the onset of the project, Connect put together a project plan to outline the timeline and the process and organized a high-end video streaming platform that would serve for the presentation – something that was interactive and different than the everyday “Zoom” experience.

From content creation, presentation collateral, branded giveaways, interactive games, keynote speakers, and a charity component, the team at Connect spearheaded all organization and advised the internal team on best practices for agenda, content, and overall experience.

Throughout the pre-event process, Connect met with the client to update on progress, confirm decision points and review timelines. All audio video equipment was mapped out to create a seamless onsite experience that would run through the video platform.

Understanding that technology can be a struggle for all those involved, Connect knew the importance of preparation and communication with all participants. To cover those participating remove, several email communications were sent to ensure they were prepared with technology logins, cameras, etc. and training sessions were set prior to the event.

Once onsite, the Connect team trained leadership on presentation best practices and ran through all rehearsals which ranged from one-on-one discussions, keynote presentations, panel sessions, a 5K charity challenge and even a live cooking demonstration.

As the event began, each day presented a new exciting element and we worked together to ensure attendee engagement with interactive games, chat functions, breakouts sessions, and more.

At the end of each day, a rehearsal was conducted for the following day to ensure that everyone was prepared for the day ahead – understanding that the only way an event is successful, is if it successful every step of the way.

The experience of those presenting onsite is just as important as those watching and participating from home and the magic happens when it is all comes together, creating an interactive experience that is informative and at the end of the day, fun!