Connect now offers IndiVideo, a video platform that allows you to share, collect, and track data all within the video itself. Connect with the businesses and people that matter to you on a personal level.

Why IndiVideo?

IndiVideo gives companies the opportunity to engage with their client base in a new and innovative way. With IndiVideo, visuals are data are combined to create a unique, customized experience for each and every client, no matter the volume of clients handled.

Each client receives personalized information, relative to their user experience.  Creating individualized experiences is simple, no matter the volume.

IndiVideo Rental Company Demo

Place yourself ahead of the competition with a game changing experience in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. IndiVideo interactive videos allow end users to receive personalized information, while simultaneously providing engaging graphics.

In this rental demo, the end user is one of many renters who receive their personalized rent breakdowns, complete with an explanation of what some of the trickier to understand costs are. With just one single video template, a company can address their entire client base in a personalized manner.

IndiVideo for Webinars Demo

Stay ahead in a digital world. With more and more digital content being produced every day, people are picky about the webinars they watch and content they consume.  With IndiVideo, your webinars can give end viewers quick snapshots of the information that matters to them.

With IndiVideo, you have the ability to customize your viewer’s experience. Add surveys about questions that are mentioned, add definitions for relevant vocabulary, allow viewers to jump around to different topics and so much more!