Sammy Elfatrany

Creative Designer & Developer

Sammy injects over a decade of experience in Web Development and Branding for corporations, Nonprofits, and NGOs across the globe. As an owner of a boutique design agency, he has had the opportunity to work in many industries, applying brand principles across a range of print and digital platforms.

Sammy believes that brands, like people, thrive when they communicate effectively. He specializes in modern, spacious layouts, elegant typography and technical know-how for various products. At Connect CRE, he takes pride in working passionately with a team that integrates a solid understanding of a company processes, foundational storytelling, and design strategy to build upon the various formats we serve in marketing.

Sammy is a former board member of Voices of African Mothers, associated with United Nations, where he served by building the tech infrastructure for schools in Ghana, Africa. He also takes interest in teaching younger kids design and marketing skills. He believes ultimately if you can dream it, you can build it.

Sammy recently moved from New York City to North Carolina, where he happily resides in the mountains with the birds and the bears.