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national   /   August 21, 2020

Dennis Kaiser
By: Dennis Kaiser

2020 Next Generation Honoree: ABI Multifamily's Mitchell Drake Discovers CRE "Sea Legs" Quickly

Many brokers new to commercial real estate require a significant amount of time and experience to acquire their ‘sea legs.’ ABI Multifamily’s Mitchell Drake isn’t one of them. Typically, there are a host of factors a rookie broker must pay attention to, whether it is understanding the aspects of the business deserve the most time and attention, acclimating to the marketplace or cultivating relationships necessary to facilitate deals.

During his first full year in the business as a broker, Drake participated in more than 30 deals. That outstanding performance stands out, especially when one considers many new brokers go 12 months, or more, before their first deal is completed. Drake progressed from Associate to Vice President in record time. And that level of success in it of itself is remarkable, but when you couple it with an ability to get others involved, it becomes obvious that he embodies the next generation and model of success that ABI as a company, and the CRE industry in general, will thrive on.

Within ABI’s team structure, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information, Drake exemplifies this unique approach within the industry and has achieved rapid success using this type of environment as the backbone of building a successful portfolio of relationships and business. Not only have Drake and his team been highly successful by fully engaging this methodology in their own business model but they are also helping encourage the newest associates and brokers in the company.

And the level of expertise that Drake has quickly earned a reputation for delivering is highly uncommon for a young broker. he brings his clients expert advice and connectedness that is seemingly years beyond his youthful appearance. This level of dedication helps clients make sound investment decisions throughout all aspects of the deal cycle and spectrum.

These are just some of the reasons we chose Drake as one of the Phoenix 2020 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s fourth annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders in the commercial real estate industry who are likely to be influential for years to come.

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