Custom White Label Webinars

Your branding, your messaging, your speakers, and your content.

Connect is your engine behind the scenes.

Our Team orchestrates all production logistics and marketing coordination from start to finish.  You receive the the fully completed Webinar, branded to look like you did it all.

Custom Pre-Recorded Webinar Production & Accompanying Marketing Plan: $6,500

Webinar Production & Project Management

  • A dedicated Connect Project Manager coordinates all deliverables for the webinar, including the timeline for all event logistics and marketing
  • Connect produces a Client-Branded Webinar Landing Page that showcases the webinar topic, speakers, registration portal, and additional client branding
  • Connect assists with finalizing any discussion topics, speaker invitations and confirmations and/or participant communications (prep calls, speaker training, etc) as requested by the Client
  • Connect’s Video Team produces the finished Webinar which is made available through the dedicated landing page

Webinar Marketing Program

  • One Pre-Webinar “Register Now” Promotional Email
  • Two “Watch Now” Post Production Emails
    • Recipients segmented by region, or property type, or both
    • Email HTML design provided by the client
    • Leads with contact information provided for all email clicks


  • One Week of Pre-Webinar Advertising (linked to the Registration Page)
  • Two Weeks of Post Production Advertising (linked to Webinar Recording)
    • Ad features on either Connect National Daily Email, or on the regional daily or property type email of choice
    • 1200 x 180px ad design for each provided by the client
    • Leads with contact information provided for all ad clicks


  • Webinar “Watch Now” Social Promotion (linked to the Webinar Recording) on Connect’s Social Channels
    • 1200 x 1200px ad designs provided by the client


  • Inclusion on Connect’s Webinar Calendar on the Weekender Email
    • Both the Pre-Webinar Registration link and Post-production link to the Webinar Recording are featured

nb: For an additional fee, Connect can design client ads (email, social and/or email HTMLs) as needed.