Connect serves as Partner Engineering and Science’s technological consultant, managing their 800-page website with various integrations, including hosting management.

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Creative / Digital

• Web Hosting Services
• Crisis Technology Support
• Website Updates & Development
• Targeted Marketing

Technology Experts

Since engaging with Partner for technical services in the summer of 2017, Connect has:

  • Transferred all hosting, added web editor to facilitate edits for Partner team
  • Provided crisis technology services
  • Took over maintenance and development of Drupal CMS
  • Integrated the CRM with web forms, added recaptcha to webforms
  • Integrated 3rd Party Career page in website
  • Developed Events Calendar integrated with marketing database
  • Provided consulting services for GDPR Web Requirements


Connect has doubled Partner’s webinar registrations through targeted marketing campaigns.

Targeted Marketing Initiatives

In addition to technology consulting, Connect also assists Partner in targeted marketing initiatives.

Since 2017, Connect has helped Partner DOUBLE webinar registrations through targeted marketing.