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Lucas Rotter



Developed a platform that expedites manual tasks associated with the appraisal process

Successfully integrated with leading property data and software providers Cherre and Rockport VA

Overcame industry obstacles by emphasizing accessibility and user-friendliness

Lucas Rotter is the founder and CEO of premier commercial real estate appraisal software company Valcre. Valcre’s platform enables users to expedite and streamline the time-consuming, manual tasks associated with the traditional appraisal process, increasing output, encouraging collaboration and freeing up valuable time for executives to grow their business.

One of Rotter’s greatest achievements is the decision to grow the company organically without a flood of funding from venture capital or private equity markets. This has allowed Valcre to develop and perfect a product that genuinely addresses customers’ real needs and brings them value.

Another achievement has been Valcre’s successful integration with leading property data and software providers Cherre and Rockport VAL. These integrations substantially bolstered the value of Valcre’s platform for appraisers, allowing them to import data and incorporate complicated calculations into reports, while providing a wealth of data on commercial properties across the country, thereby eliminating hours of manual data entry and research.

The global health crisis also presented an opportunity for Rotter to help address appraisers’ need for collaborative, cloud-based software by leveraging Valcre as the turnkey solution for appraisal work. Additionally, Rotter has overcome obstacles in the industry by highlighting and enhancing the accessibility and user-friendliness of Valcre’s platform.

Rotter’s inherently altruistic personality guides his leadership style: He believes that leading a highly successful company means investing in people and bringing them along with the triumphs and successes. For Lucas, it is of the utmost importance to see his team members thrive both in their careers and personal lives as much as possible.

These are just a few reasons we chose Rotter as one of Connect CRE’s National 2022 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s sixth annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders in the commercial real estate industry who are likely to be influential for years to come.


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Valcre's Lucas Rotter

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