Howard Breitrose

Vice President, Connect Creative & Communications

Howard Breitrose, VP Creative and Communications. Driven creative photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and designer that is inspired by great ideas and the people who generate them. Originally from New York now living in Chicagoland. Experienced in creative direction and operations management for 360’ full stack advertising, digital and marketing. Enhancing and streamlining creative workflow processes and technology integration initiatives that deliverer valuable client solutions. I help brands connect meaningfully in this complex advertising/marketing world through empathy, emotion, and really big ideas. Highly collaborative, I work with other practice leads to create brand and marketing strategies and launch marketing campaigns that drive revenue. While my passion is to elevate brands, I also love elevating my team. As a leader, I am authentic, upbeat, and optimistic. I create a culture of enthusiasm and fun.

My background includes designing and implementing forward-thinking, creative design projects for a variety of top-level clients within diverse sectors. With expertise in a broad range of design software applications, along with my ability to collaborate effectively with clients and peers.

I have directed an inventive staff of varied talents in these endeavors ensuring operations ran smoothly and deadlines were met. I reviewed work from both technical and artistic viewpoints consulting with clients on progress and necessary changes. I used my interpersonal and problem-solving skills to cultivate a comfortable working atmosphere. I strive to keep energy and creativity high as we design and execute our projects.

Hobbies are cycling, music, guitar, red wine, and espresso.